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 Skin Revision Specialist 
If you are serious about changing the look and feel of you skin, Making the investment in yourself and taking the steps necessary to look your best, schedule your skin revision Consult

Crows Feet gone!

Wrinkles, milia and texture oh my! 
When a client walks in with a problem no one has ever wanted to fix & many have said "can't be fixed", We gladly took the challenge.  We cared enough to try. It takes a lot of dedication, both from you, the client and us, your skincare professional. Many protocols, procedures, countless appointments, and determination from both  that  pays off. For this client we utilized Revision protocols to obtain results. Best quote from our client: "boy, my skin feels so smooth!", for someone who had coarse skin, uneven texture and years of milia, covering her whole face, it is a pleasure to give her a smooth soft complexion, that she had not seen in over 20 years!  Thank you, Diana, it's clients like you that make our day!
cost :  $ 1,000    Treatment: Skincare  Revision  sessions and skincare products for home use included. 

3rd degree burn Gone!

Results using protocols that protect the skin and heal. These pictures depict injures without scars after falling from a fast moving golf kart and landing on the face on the road. The emergency room nurse said she would have a scar and she was lucky not to have any broken bones. Scars? Yes as the road rash was a 3rd degree burn, the nurse said Golf cart accidents happen daily in Florida and that she had seen many scars. But we said " Not on our watch!  We say no to scars, wrinkles & more!    

Cost:  $700
Treatment: Revision Package


Hand Rejuvenation treatment


sessions with skincare product kit. 



You are only as young as you neck

$2500 get a beautiful neck today! 

Full treatment cost

#1 Seller click to purchase! 

Plasmatic Video

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Ance treatments for adults and teens

Book your Prozyme treatment today!

Full treatment sessions available between $95 to $2000, We can all have beautiful skin!

DMK Limited products, a portion of your purchase helps the community & diversity outreach programs, for the Harvey Milk Foundation 


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