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For total body skin health, Paramedical skincare integrates clinical, holistic and therapeutic procedures for skin revision. Florida Esthetics offers total body relaxation and delivers results you can see and feel.

At Florida Esthetics we offer an expansive menu of services; like waxing, manscaping, facials, and teen skincare. Other services that are more clinical in nature are revision facials, advanced microneedle treatments, broken capillaries reduction, vaginal rejuvenation, scar revision and much more!

We only use high-end products that are pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and clinical grade. Our practice utilizes FDA approved Peptides and Esthetic equipment when available. We take pride in our research and stay up to date in the latest technology and skincare products. Florida Esthetics is the only practice in the area with some of these amazing products. Come experience the difference, you will be glad you did!

We appreciate our clients and we will continue to grow thanks to the support from our community.

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We have over 5,000 hours in training and counting, If we dont know it we will learn it, to better serve your skincare needs.  We always refer you

Paramedical skin revision consults - For clients looking for cellular level skin changes and lifestyle change to reach the best results for their skin. Clients are willing to invest in themselves and follow spa regiments and home care. $35.00


Medical Esthetician Vs. Spa Esthetician

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Estheticians -- sometimes spelled Aestheticians -- are skin care specialists. Traditional medicine is oriented toward the treatment of illness or prevention of disease, while medical esthetics focus on helping to improve people’s appearance. Esthetic treatments can be used to maintain a youthful appearance, improve the skin’s appearance or help people whose skin has been affected by disease, trauma or a medical procedure such as facial surgery. Although medical estheticians and spa estheticians perform some of the same procedures, they have different training and they usually work in different settings.  Why go to a regular spa if you can come to Florida Esthetics and receive better care? Your skin is important to us, let us help you reach your goals.


A medical esthetician that has taken various advanced trainings in wrinkle age management, Esthetic equipment, Scar revision, advanced modalities for skin cell repair, advanced training beyond those of others, a driven esthetician with thirst for knowledge to better serve her clients skin concerns.  We train every year to be the best at what we do,  Thank you in advanced for understanding we must pursue education in advanced modalities to better serve you. 

Medical Esthetics, what is it?

A medical esthetician works for a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Medical estheticians might provide pre- or post-operative skin care treatments. For example, they might exfoliate skin with a chemical peel or microdermabrasion, a procedure removes the top layer of skin with a hand-held machine or scalpel. Medical estheticians may also use techniques such as laser therapy, potent acids and other treatments that are only available from a physician.

A paramedical esthetician is a skincare specialist who can provide advanced skincare techniques or work in a medical office side by side with a doctor, preparing patients for surgery that is designed to address skin issues. 

Estheticians in general provide care for the skin, along with advice on skincare, and in some regions, they also deal with hair care. The most common official title for someone who has received esthetician training is “licensed esthetician,” a term that is regulated and usually implies that someone has successfully completed a training requirement, taken a written exam, and demonstrated practical skills. Paramedical estheticians have more training, which allows them to perform advanced skincare interventions. Some services that can be offered by a paramedical esthetician include dermal filling, dermabrasion, Non surgical services, permanent makeup, pre-surgical skincare, facials, postsurgical skincare, hair removal and much more depending on advanced training. Also known as medical estheticians or paramedical aestheticians, these skincare professionals can offer many services that a conventional esthetician cannot, and they can provide services that would normally only be available through a doctor to patients.


Why come to Florida Esthetics? Because we are able to take care of you skin better than most spas in the area due to our extensive training. We consult with a doctor and medical pros for special occasions per clients need, but remain the only Paramedical Spa in the area. As our client you get the best of both worlds, the pampering of a relaxation spa & the clinical skincare of a doctors office, we are Paramedical and skin revision trained and certified.  Our staff take many advanced trainings yearly to bring our clients better skincare protocols every year, we take pride in our skincare knowledge and in our results driven skincare techniques. Visit us by making an appointment online or a Consultation.  









Medical Estheticians have between 300 to 1000 hours of training over that of a spa esthetician. Usually work with a doctor or at medical spas. Skin revision specialist or Master estheticians have over 300 to 3000 hours over a medical esthetician.  Think of it like being a RN or pre school teacher for a spa esthetician both well qualified but limited.

Think of a medical esthetician like a PA or College teacher, grade of care and qualifications are much higher as well as experience. Now think of a Master Esthetician like a doctor or a university teacher and think of a skin revision specialist like a surgeun or highest level professor, there is specific training involved. 



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Medical Esthetician Vs. Skin Revision specialist