Answers to common questions:

Do I need an appointment?

We are exclusively by appointment only, for your convenience please book online 24/7.  Please choose the office you wish to book and time. If time is not available please look on the following week.  You can call and book during receptionist hours, to speak to someone. Please note that the receptionist is not a licensed Esthetician if you need a consultation please book the $35 consult with the medical Esthetician. Please be advised that by booking you automatically agree to our terms of service and to the Esthetician choice of service for your skin condition, we are results-driven. The $35 can be credited to skincare packages only.

Is there a draping policy?

We are a skincare spa, we do not have to drape during a body treatment & body wraps. Our clients are welcome to be draped or undraped, depending on individual comfort level. For your convenience we do have disposable undergarments for $5 each ( Sometimes we ran out), please note one size does not fit all.  You may also wear a swimsuit or bring an extra pair of undergarments, some of the muds, scrubs, and masks might stain some clothing. 

Do I have to stay away from the sun?

For facials, you do not, but for any type of nonsurgical dermabrasion or Peels you do.  Be it chemical or mechanical, it is advised to wear SPF and a hat. For other services that are non-surgical for age management, scar revision or removal of skin lesions. We suggest a minimum of 72 hours of no sun. With some procedures and in some cases the esthetician will advise no only to stay away from the sun but also not use makeup or skincare products for the first 48 to 72 hours.  Please keep in contact with your Esthetician during the first 72 hours if you have any further concerns or questions.

What about Ulthera - Ultherapy?  For 72 hours do not get overheated, do not take hot showers, avoid hot yoga. We recommend a cold mask or hydrating facial. If you are serious about your skin we recommend booking a microneedle session with us or Plasmatic Facial.  We also advise in upgrading your skincare to the products we sell. We are highly trained in skin revision. 

What about Microneedle? For 72 hours do not use anything that could compromise the treatments. Do not use irritants or any substance that should not be inside the body. Follow esthetician directions. Stay away from the sun and cover the face with a hat and a scarf for extra protection. 

What about Retinol, Makeup or hot showers? For 72 hours do not use anything that could compromise the treatments before or after. Do not use irritants or any substance that should not be inside the body.  Do not use Retinol 1 to 2 weeks prior to any treatment. Some treatments require to stay away from hot showers and make up for 72 hours. Botox or fillers prior to treatments please wait 2 weeks to schedule a skin care appointment with us. Follow esthetician directions. Stay away from the sun and cover the face with a hat and a scarf for extra protection. 

What are your terms of service?

By entering our spa you agree to the service and treatment that best fits your skincare needs based on our professional expertise. You, the client and/or representative/family member of said client understand that we are the skincare professional and that even if at times you don't agree with our course of treatment that we will perform the service that best takes care of you skin condition based on our professional knowledge, but not limited to hair removal, non-surgical services, hair restoration, age management, scar revision, non-surgical dermabrasions, peels, facials, body treatments or any other service provided by Florida Esthetics, its staff or affiliates.  You agree by booking, filling our intake forms online or in-person and by keeping your appointment to any service we decide is best for your skin, as we have your best interest in mind.  We understand that in other spas the client has a say as to what service they want, just because they are paying  for it. But not because it is best for your skin, please understand that we are medical Estheticians and our knowledge in this field is more advanced than most spas or basic skincare specialists, and including some times on occasion to some medical offices that are not properly trained in medical skincare. Please understand we will not perform any service that will cause you harm or violate our professional skincare knowledge, even if you had the service done to you in the past at other spas or medical offices.  We utilize our skincare knowledge and expertise to perform treatments based on your skin conditions for best results, we have many tools, products to give you the best service safely and deliver great results.  Please be advice that we reserve the right to serve and that if you do not follow our professional advice and become a difficult client you will not be allowed to rebook with us. We enjoy our clients and its a pleasure  to service  every single one of you, please be a ray of sunshine when entering our spa, as happy clients make great clients. By reading these terms of service you are in agreement with our policies and by-laws, you understand our expectations and agree to any service we deem recommended to treat your skin condition or any other service we provide.  You agree to not hold liable Florida Esthetics, its staff or affiliates of any wrongdoing, Treatments, and services, results may vary from client to client. For the best skincare, it takes two to achieve the best results, what we do at the spa under our professional knowledge and what you do at home, purchase of skincare products is advised and at times expected with some of the treatments mandatory. You also agree to all skincare treatments perform by the esthetician to best of her knowledge for your skin type or condition. You will not hold Florida Esthetics or its staff liable for any wrongdoing, results vary per client. You also agree by entering our spa that you may be contacted via phone, email, postal mail in regards to our promotions, newsletters marketing and any other reason why we must contact you. you also agree that you will pay the $35 fee if you do not show up to an appointment or forfeit a session if you got a package or a coupon, as missed sessions and no shows are not allowed. you must reschedule or cancel in 48 prior to appointment if you fail to do so you will be charged late cancellation fee $35 no exceptions. Only management can excuse your no show or late cancellation fee if they feel your reason is acceptable, if not you must pay the fee, it will be sent via PayPal, failure to pay will result in blocking you from attending our spa.

Your information is collected via cookies for our own in house marketing and to better know our clients. We collect that info to provide better service and to understand how to help you. 

Late cancellation and no show fee

Is there a fee for late cancellations? YES, we have the right to charge a fee to any client who fails to communicate any changes to their appointment. Can I cancel the same day of my appointment? NO, you must cancel or rebook by 48 hours prior to your appointment, if done after 24 hours we will not be able to rebook the slot and canceling the same day is not acceptable.  why 48 hours prior to the appointment? Because we have clients waiting and it's not fair to them or to the esthetician that you decided to cancel the last minute.  A fee will be sent via Paypal or square, you may not rebook if you are delinquent on your fees. what if I have an emergency and I got to cancel and rebook? Depending on circumstances we can waive the fee, but if you have a record of no shows or cancellations we will not waive the fee. What if I don't pay? Your balance could be sent to collections and you will be banned from coming to Florida Esthetics. What about no shows? There is a fee for people who fail to show up and after 3 no shows you will automatically be blocked from skincare spa. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason we see worthy.  Our system keeps track of cancellations and no shows if you have been sent an invoice for a fee we are able to prove that you failed to show up or called late. 

do you offer financing skincare plan or skincare packages?  copy and paste the link to apply for finance card, make an appointment and start your skincare or weight loss plan.  Need consultation? We offer consultation for $35, you can make an appointment for that and come into the spa.