Microdermabrasion sloughs off the dead and dull surface layers of the skin, stimulating an increase in collagen production and rejuvenation. Many patients see dramatic improvements in the tone, texture, and color of treated areas after just one treatment

Skin analysis is required as not everyone can have a microdermabrasion.

Series of 6 –   $600

Does not include Décolleté 


Decollete - $20

other areas where you can have this treatment:

Back - $175 helps with back acne and texture

Hands- $20

Feet - $85 

Buttocks & Private area - $85 helps with acne and texture

Private area & thighs  Combo $125 helps with texture and even out color of skin

Microdermabrasion can also improve

  • Oily or dull skin.

  • Enlarged pores.

  • Clogged pores.

  • Fine lines.

  • Mild acne scars.

  • Mild complexion problems (such as uneven pigmentation or poor skin texture)



Great for Special events, brides, weeding, even dates. Skin analysis is required. 



  • Improves appearance of Acne

  • Removes Blackheads

  • Diminishes Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  • Improves Collagen and Elastin production for Firming and Tightening

  • Allows for Deeper Penetration of Skin Care Products

Safe for a wide variety of skin types, including skin with:

  • Sensitive Skin

  • Rosacea

  • Acne

  • Aging Skin

Glow Facial


Vibradermabrasion Facial long lasting benefits for weeks. Reveal Glowing skin that will get compliments. 

Quick Peel DMK


DMK pre-treatments target specific areas of concern or skin conditions and are performed prior to the DMK Signature Enzyme Masque and Muscle banding.

They can also be perform in as an exfoliate treatment facial 

The esthetician will find the best protocol for your skin condition using DMK skincare

add Vibradermabrasion $45 

Quick Peel

Cinnamon Bark and other botanicals are used for a gentle peel to the surface layers of the skin, encouraging blood flow, oxygenation of cells and a balancing of skin tone and texture. Fragile capillaries and rosacea benefits greatly from this procedure by strengthening the cellular structure. It smells great and feels a bit spicy in a good way! Not for those allergic to cinnamon. 

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