Skincare  from Spa to Home

Skincare regiment...  There is several types of people...
* Those who have one
* Those who don't
* Those who tried everything under the sun
* Those who purchase professional skincare
* Those that do not know where to begin
* Those who are making their skin worst
* Those who see results but not enough

Which are you? Do you need skincare care with results?

Woman Getting Ready

What are you biggest organs? Your Fascia and your Skin, have you taken care of them today? Last week? Last month? 6 months ago? A year ago? Not since my mom put lotion on me as a baby?

* To age with grace you must take care of your skin
* We don't get wrinkles from being old, we get them from damage
* How often should you get a facial?  You can weekly, bi-weekly, Every 4 to 6 weeks,  or 4 times per year.
* Are treatments the same as facials? No, treatments treat a condition, Facials help restore balance to your skin, clean it and hydrate the layers. 
* If I get treatments do I still need facials? Yes Ideally you want to get a facial when posible to keep the skin clean and hydrated professionally .  
* I get facials all the time why do I need skincare products? To treat, correct skin concerns and keep the benefits of your facial. 
* I already get treatments why I need skincare products? Home care is essential to results, to maintain and protect your investment.