LED Therapy

Each LED device uses different wavelengths, or colors, of light. When this beneficial light is applied to the skin it helps to increase collagen and elastin production, reduce inflammation, speed healing, increase circulation, and destroy acne bacteria. Reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, Restore your skin's youthful appearance, Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, Heal and calm existing acne breakouts. Destroy acne-causing bacteria to minimize future breakouts. Increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and speed healing after chemical peels and invasive cosmetic procedures.


LED Light Therapy is not for you if you suffer from one of the following conditions: Pregnancy — studies have not sufficiently assessed the risk to pregnant women and their babies, therefore it is not recommended. Epilepsy — certain light frequencies can trigger an epileptic seizure, but some clients do not have any issues if they do only had epilepsy as children. Thyroid condition — if you suffer from a thyroid condition or are on thyroid medication, FDA does not need for us to cover the thyroid but we do as a precaution. If you are photo-allergic, or are taking any medication that causes light sensitivity. I would check with your physician if you have personal medical concerns before using light therapy treatments. LED is pretty safe & FDA approved, can be done 2 to 3 times per week.

Treatment only - $50 For 30 minutes 

Pre pay for 4 get one Free!

As an add-on to other services for special rate. Great with microdermabrasion, DKM facials and many more $15


Dermaplaning - 

Can be done  alone as a treatment, with a peel, or with LED or other treatments. It is an exfoliation treatment not to be confused as a hair removal treatment, it does remove some hair.


Buy 4 get one FREE

Facial lymphatic drainage - Great treatment pre and post surgery, before a big event, to give skin a glow and to rid the body of toxins also helps recover after surgery and sickness. Although MLD is beneficial to a number of conditions, it is not for everybody. Please note that we may need to contact your health care provider for further information on your condition.  


Contraindications include:

  • Congestive heart failure

  • DVT

  • Recent cancer treatment (less than 1 year ago)

  • Kidney disorders

  • Acute inflammation or infection/malignancies

  • Arteriosclerosis

  • Recent Fever

  • Liver disorders

$90 per Facial treatment

Buy 4 get one Free